Chestnut Acres Farm Has Something for Everyone

We moved onto our small farm in the spring of 1987 and proceeded to plant fruit trees, gardens, and acquire lots of animals.  Over the years, we have refined our operation and specialize in Sweet Chestnuts (mostly Castanea dentata), Soay sheep and fruits & berries.  Our area of the southern Oregon coast is far enough away from the water that we are warmer than the local "metropolis" of Coos Bay and mostly protected from the coastal winds & fog.  Because there were lots of conifers on the farm, over the years we have set up a sawmill to provide lumber for our needs and to sell, while maintaining a forest area for future needs.  In addition to the regular garden plants, we grow a wide variety of fruit (apple, pear, plum, peach, etc.) and nut (pecan, almond, etc.) trees, black currant, blueberry, gooseberry, and blackberries.  Our sheep (they look like small, fuzzy deer) keep our pasture areas nicely manicured and also provide a supply of meat on the hoof if needed.  If you are looking for gift ideas, we have "Wild Food" playing cards which are a great idea for all your friends who wander thru the great outdoors.  You can play card games or use them to find and use nature's supply of foods.  We can provide casings to make sausage out of the elk or deer you "harvest" or we can help you host a "sausage making" party in your home for your family and/or friends.  We also "coexist" with Chestnut Acres Irises so you can get beauty along with utility.  We are always happy to stop working to take you for a tour, just call or text to make sure we are home and available.
Prices are ALWAYS in flux, we are always open to negotiation --- CASH is King!
  • Coos Bay, Oregon, United States

Text to 541/252-8244.